• MassUtmaning book cover


    Now my book is finally available. The book is titled Mass Challenge and carries the subtitle Economic policy against exclusion and anti-social behavior. It will be printed around the New Year to be delivered in January 2017.

    The book costs 250 kronor plus $ 25 in shipping. Shipping is free for orders of two or more copies. Those who pre-order the book may also talked about the gift card with the burning tree. Christmas 2016 has indeed passed, but the theme of the burning Christmas tree as a measure of social problems is timeless.

    Those who wish to order multiple copies to different addresses should make several separate orders. You will receive an order confirmation, check your spam box of your email if you have not received it within minutes. International orders are now possible for all EU countries plus Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.

    Those Nordea bank should enable safety procedures. Login with Nordea and select ”Card”, then ”Safer cards”, then ”Open and close the card”, then ”change”, then ”All online purchases 60 minutes.” Make payment, and then complete when the payment is complete, the ”only safe internet purchases” again.

    250 kr