For the benefit of the readers of a certain Swiss-American, I have included some additional groups that were not central to the comparison with western Europe. All the data is ancestry group, except Indians and Somalians, which are foreign born only (no data on ancestry). Groups marked with star have a high percentage of immigrants.

Some things to note:

1. Russia has the second highest per capita income. Many Jewish Americans come from Russia (which, at the time of Jewish immigration, covered most of Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states). My guess is that many Jewish immigrants that say they are from Russia are probably from one of the these countries. An estimated half of the Jewish people of the world lived in what was Russia in 1900. 28% of Russian-Americans have graduate degrees, compared to 10% for the U.S population.

2. South Africans do very well in the US. 24% have graduate degrees.

3. The West-Asian immigrant groups (gold chains and hair on our chests) combine high average income with high poverty rates.

4. For Indians 41% have graduate degrees. Wow. I believe Indians are the richest of the larger groups.

5. Somalians have not done well in the US. Their per capita income is very low. Only half work. The poverty rate is 53%. This is noteworthy for me, because the Somalians in America are often presented as a success story in Sweden (I will write a full post about Somalians at some point).

6. My home country of Iran does well. In contrast Iranians in Sweden have only 40-50% employment rate, and very low average income (but also high variance). Selection or policy? I think the later.

7. “Americans” don’t do well. I included all of this group in the British, although I suspect based on location that a few are African-American. Could not find any data on this (too lazy to download the raw data and find out).

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